History of the Ming Watch

The Ming watch is created by six watch enthusiasts from around the globe who are led by Ming Thein.

Ming Thein is a photographer, a designer, a businessman, and a person who loves watches.

The team who brings the Ming watch to life has a combined total of 80 years of experience as watch collectors,

and they come together to create a watch that is exciting, collectible, and stylish.

Style and Target Customers

The Ming watch is designed for people who love high-quality watches.

Ming himself has years of experience photographing, designing, and collecting watches, and his partners are also watch collectors.

They create a high-quality watch in a classic style with a modern design for people who appreciate fine watches.

It is designed to fill the gap for people who want a quality watch but who aren’t yet willing or able to buy a super-luxury brand.

The original watch, the Ming 17.01, uses a Sapphire crystal donut to give the appearance of floating Arabic numerals.

ming 17.01 review

It has only the two hands to stay true to the style, and the centre is printed with a spiralling fractal pattern with a sapphire donut over the dial.

Ming is a Malaysia-based brand, and they create simple timepieces with hidden complexities.

The watches are elegant and timeless without a busy design that distracts from its function as a watch.

In designing their first watch, Ming wanted to have the attention to detail and the chronometry while making a piece that would be collectible and that people would want to own.

The Ming watch is distinctive and different from others on the market, and it provides an opportunity for watch enthusiasts to buy an elegant watch without spending incredible sums of money.

The next series was the 19.01, and it was designed to show people that they could expand on the 17.01.

It has a deep opaque dial with transparent edges.

Each watch is an extension of their brand, and they are true to the unique combination of function and elegance.

Ming watches offer unique elegance, and look extremely distinctive. They are for those who want watches with a luxury feel, without paying luxury prices.

Price Range

The Ming watch is sold in Swiss Francs, and these watches range from CHF 3950 for the Ming 27.01 to above CHF 40000 for the Special edition Past, Present, and Future model.

They make a limited number of each model, and once they sell out, they do not reproduce them. The Ming 17.01 is sold out, so you need to buy it on the resale market.


If you want to buy a Ming watch, you can buy new models from their website.

They make a limited number of each model, and once they are sold out, you will have to find the watch from a reseller.

You can find them on various watch reseller websites and at some jewelers.

The Ming Watch 17.01 Review

The Ming 17.01 is made in Switzerland.

It offers a dial in two variations: blue and anthracite grey.

They made 150 of these watches, and they are hand wound with a three-part sapphire dial.

The centre of the watch has a guilloche pattern that is subtle and stylish, and the case is a Grade 5 titanium.

The back of the watch has six screws that fix it into place, and it has the name MING and Swiss on the back, along with the serial number and water resistance engraved.

The face also shows the Ming name, but it is part of the three-dimensional element along with the numbers and the rings.

If you look closely, you will notice that the numbers and the rings float on the dial.

The watch has quick release spring bars to quickly attach and detach different bands.

The 17.01 comes with three different straps that you can change as frequently as you like.

The watch has 100 meters of water resistance, and the movement is a hand wound Sellita caliber SW210-1, it also has a 38 mm case.

They designed this watch with titanium for several different reasons.

It is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and comfortable, and it has low-heat conductivity.

The case band fits precisely, and it is also solid titanium.

It is rigid and simple yet sleek and elegant at the same time.

The watch does not have a second hand to keep the watch thin.

The design doesn’t have more space after the hour and minute hands are in place.

One unique feature is that the numbers stand on their heads from 10 to 2 and on their feet from 3 to 9.

It is an art deco style with a modern twist, and the font fits the style perfectly.

They also use the number 0 at the top in place of 12.

This was done to balance the watch and make it symmetric.

The ming 17.01 is a unique, sturdy and lightweight watch. The floating rings is a wonderful touch.

Price of the Ming 17.01

If you want to purchase this watch, you need to find it from an online watch reseller.

They originally made only 150 watches, and they do not reproduce any of their models.

You can find them from online resellers and watch dealers for prices ranging from $900 to $1350.

Pros of the Ming 17.01

  • Unique sleek design
  • Attractive and elegant watch
  • Sold out in less than three minutes
  • Intricate details yet simple and uncluttered design
  • Lightweight titanium is hypoallergenic
  • Comes with three watch bands
  • Two face colors: blue and anthracite grey

Cons of the Ming 17.01

  • Only 150 made, so it is hard to find

Final Words

Ming Thein spent years photographing watches, and as an avid watch enthusiast, he understood all of the little details that make a watch collectible.

His partners are all watch aficionados and they came together to create a brand that is elegant, timeless, and worthy of any collection.

They limit the production of each watch, which ensures that the market will never be saturated.

The watches are very popular, and they sell out quickly once they are made available.

If you want to buy one of these watches, you will likely have to find one at a verified watch reseller or a jeweller.

They are attractive and popular, and they are great for people who appreciate a fine watch but aren’t ready to spend huge sums of money to obtain it.

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