Can a Watch Battery Leak?

An article explaining how to prevent and manage watch battery leaks; as well as the dangers of battery watches leaking.

Can a Watch Demagnetize Itself?

Anything that becomes magnetised can slowly become demagnetised without intervention. However, a watch could remain magnetised for months or years, keeping it from functioning properly. Fortunately, demagnetising a watch is often a simple process. A degausser machine is used to decrease or eliminate the magnetic field in an object, such as a mechanical watch or analogue watch. These machines are …

Are Watches Waterproof?

This article aims to clear up the confusion about waterproof watches. As opposed to water-resistant watches.

Can Watches Be Recycled?

In short, watches can be recycled but this is highly dependent on the type of the watch. Certain parts like the gears are particularly recyclable if in good working order. Maybe you’ve worn a watch for decades, but it’s finally ticked its last tick. Maybe you got a watch as a present and while you appreciate the sentiment, it’s not something …

Stardust Watches: All You Need to Know

Few things are more timeless than a quality timepiece. Even in an age where we all have phones that have built-in clocks, there is still something about a watch that remains captivating. In many ways, the best watches are a perfect example of form and function. That said, as a watch’s aesthetic begins to matter just as much if not …