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Watch for men with small wrists


A watch can be an expensive investment, and a long-term possession.  so most people want a watch that fits perfectly around their wrist.

In recent years, it has become fashionable to make men’s watches bigger and more flamboyant,

making it difficult for men with smaller wrists to find a suitable watch.

And i definitely count myself as a man with a small wrist!

It is inconvenient to wear a watch that continually slides down your wrist every time you lower your arm. 

It also does not look very elegant when the watch is hanging off your wrist because it is too big.

In this article we will explore what men with small wrists can do to buy the ideal watch for them

Parts of a watch

It is worth knowing the names of the different parts of a watch before we begin. The “case” is also referred to as the “face”.

Is your wrist small?

The obvious first question to answer.

As you can see in the table above, anything below 6.75 inches is classed as either small or extra small. 

And anything above that is either medium or large.

The quickest way to measure your wrist circumference is:

  • Find a tailor’s tape.
  • Ask a friend to help you if needed. Measure around at just below the prominent wrist bone (the one in line with your thumb)
  • If you can’t find a tailor’s tape, just use a long strip of normal paper. Mark the “start” and “end” point with a pen,

    and measure distance between those 2 points with a ruler.

Why should you know your wrist size when buying a watch?

This is useful when buying watches online. 

Any reputable online watch seller will have  details of the watch strap’s length and circumference with every watch. 

Both the longest and shortest limits of the strap length. 

This will be tremendously useful in helping you pick a watch that is the right size for you online.

Case/face size importance for men with small wrists

By the case size we mean the diameter of watch face. 

This is important because if the case size is too big, say over 45mm, then the watch will look unnaturally big for a small wrist.

Wearing a large watch can make a small wrist appear even smaller.

Today, the average face size of a watch is around 40mm, so anything from 36-38mm is considered suitable for men with small wrists.

Watchstrap length

Men’s watchstrap length is made to a standard that ranges from 7 3/4 inches – 9 1/2 inches. 

Off course, men with small wrist sizes need to buy watches with strap length near the bottom end of that range.

The strap length should be listed next to the watch at the point of purchase.

Watchstrap material

You also have to take into account the material which the watch strap is made of. 

If the watch has a metal strap, then you have to expect that it won’t be flexible or extendable.   You must get the size spot on.

But if the material is a type of stretchy fabric then even if you get the size slightly wrong, chances are you will get away with it.

Replacing the watchstrap

If the worst happens, and you’re not happy with how the watch fits, you can have the watchstrap replaced. 

So I would advise to watches that have easily replaceable straps where possible.  It is something you may want to replace anyway, as the watch ages.

Most watch repair shops offer this service but my preference is to try the manufacturer first.

Watch accessories

By this, we mean the size of the crown, lug and the size of any engravings. 

It is recommended to keep these as small as possible for men with small wrists.  A watch with large accessories will look big overall.

Watch face size, strap length and watch strap material all play an important role in choosing the right watch

Does the size of the hand dials matter for men with small wrists?

Personally, I would say no.

Some people would argue that thin and minimalist dials will reduce the size of the watch;

Which makes sense.  But I think as long as the case isn’t too large for the wrist, what is inside the case, such as the dials, can be chunky.

If anything, the contrast of a small minimalist watch and big dials can add to the charm of the watch.

How the watch will fit in with your attire

It is important to consider when you plan to wear your watch and with what type of attire.

Will you mostly wear it to work with a suit?

If so then you may need a watch that has a slightly chunkier case or it may disappear under your cuffs.

If however, you plan to wear your watch with casual attire, especially short sleeve shirt or t-shirts,

then it is probably better to go for a watch with smaller case size.

Some cool examples of watches for men with small wrists


To start with, it is a beautiful watch!

I especially like it in this warm black and gold colour, which goes very well with most outfits.  From suits to casual Sunday afternoon shirt and cardigan.

The case size is 40mm, which would suit men with small wrists perfectly – and even with women with above average wrists. 

The leather strap is also suitable for men with small wrists and can probably be adjusted and customised if needed. 

The watch, in general, carries a minimalist style with no engravings or “techy” add-ons – it just tells you the time.

Notice also how the hands are slim & sleek which further enhances the minimalist and elegant feel of the watch.

I think it would go equally well with a casual or formal look.  I can see it going well with a suit or with a shirt& trouser combination.

A stunning watch in my opinion.  And a relative bargain at around $300.

Here is another edition of this excellent watch from Larsson & Jennings for men with small wrists:

Tissot Men’s T52148131 T-Classic Desire Watch

The case diameter is only 38mm, which is at the bottom end of the size range, so this would be suitable for men with very small wrists.

It has an adjustable genuine leather strap.

The width of the strap is only 20mm too.

So this swiss-made watch is ideal for men with small wrists.


The dials are very slender and sleek, and it generally has a clean look.  There are no added buttons or accessories.

This watch is also waterproof to a depth of 99ft, which is ideal for rainy weather or accidental water contact. 

But what I really like about this watch is the scratch-resistant sapphire case. 

Watches are constantly being hit and bumped against surfaces and objects, so this is a handy feature to have.

Rotary Men’s Analogue Classic Quartz

You gotta love the quaint elegance of this beauty.  The roman numeral dials

And it is the cheapest example in our line up by the way!

The case diameter is only 38mm, and it comes with a hefty 2 year guarantee from the manufacturer.

It only weighs 42 grams so it should feel light as a feather on most wrists.

The strap is made from genuine leather.

And if you get stuck in a short sharp shower, don’t worry, this watch is water resistant up to 50metres


Measuring and knowing your wrist size is such a simple process. 

And it is worth doing if you are planning investing in a good watch. 

Particularly if you are planning to buy this watch online.

I don’t think you necessarily have to go to a shop to buy a great watch, even as a first-time buyer.

I think if you know your size and the style that you want, you can safely buy a great watch online.

e-commerce platforms are very sophisticated these days,

and the good ones will list all the required information about the watch at the point of sale; often with a selection of excellent images.

The key information that you need are:

  • The band/strap length
  • Band/strap thickness
  • Case diameter
  • Your wrist size

These 3 numbers will give you a good idea of the watches’ dimensions, and more importantly, your wrist size. 

Once you know these you can make an informed choice about the best watch for your needs.

I hope you enjoyed this article

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