Can Watches Be Recycled?

In short, watches can be recycled but this is highly dependent on the type of the watch. Certain parts like the gears are particularly recyclable if in good working order. Maybe you’ve worn a watch for decades, but it’s finally ticked its last tick. Maybe you got a watch as a present and while you appreciate the sentiment, it’s not something …

Watches That Count Steps: A Complete Guide

Maybe you’re a fitness-obsessed individual who likes to push their body every second of every day, even when they’re simply walking from one place to another. Maybe you’re a Type-A person who’s highly competitive and needs to keep up with the steps per day count set by the rest of your friends or fitness group. Maybe you’re simply someone who …

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8 stunning watches for men under $2000

Here are 8 gorgeous watches for men which we think go with most occasions and attires. And they are all under $2000, which makes them reasonably affordable for most people.