Which Countries Sell Rolexes for the Lowest Prices?

What Affects Rolex Prices?

Taxes can greatly affect Rolex prices to that list.

For example, value-added tax (VAT) adds tax at every point at which an item such as a Rolex gains value (i.e., the raw materials are acquired, where it’s made, where it’s sold, etc.)

The US does not utilize a VAT tax system, but most European countries do.

Rolex submariner finance

The price of Rolex is closely tied to the economy, and the economic model of a country

On the other hand, the combination of being able to buy tax-free and get VAT refunds is a huge factor in making Rolexes cheaper in certain European countries.

However, not everyone can claim VAT refunds; notably, from the start of 2021 onward, post-Brexit, the VAT Retail Export Scheme, which provided these refunds, has ended in the UK.

This may make it much more expensive for UK buyers to buy Rolexes (and other luxury products) in the EU.

Other key factors for finding Rolexes at cheaper prices include:

  1. Currency exchange rates
  2. Import taxes in your country for foreign goods, which may wipe out some savings, such as VAT
  3. How in demand they are
  4. If you can haggle for the price, a practice not common in the US or UK but much more common in some cities such as Florence and Hong Kong, and regions such as Asia and Latin America

Top 10 Countries to Buy Rolexes

Consider an over/under of a few hundred dollars in calculating the price range for:

  1. Canada: You may not think of Canada as a haven for cheap luxury watches.

    Still, at around $7550 (albeit without tax), Canadian Rolexes are the cheapest on our list.

  2. Singapore: On the one hand, high demand, a huge selection, and exchange rates may benefit you.

    But, the average of $8400 isn’t as cheap as it used to be.

  3. China (Hong Kong): Initial prices are high at nearly $10,000 with a stiff 16% tax.

    However, if you know how to haggle and find the right Hong Kong shop, you could find a bargain.

  4. Australia: The tax rate isn’t too bad at 10%. Add that to the already-low average of $7700, and you’re in business.
  5. South Africa: Yes, the tax rate is 15%, but that’s still doable.

    At $7900, prices are shockingly affordable.

  6. Japan: Part of this is perspective, as prices can still top $15,000.

    Still, many Japanese dealers offer good tax-free prices.

  7. United Kingdom: VAT refunds are expiring, sure, but home prices aren’t “bad.”

    At around $8770, UK Rolexes aren’t “cheap,” but are more affordable than you might think.

  8. United States: Be careful buying US Rolexes.

    While they may “only” cost just shy of $9000, that doesn’t include tax, which can vary wildly from state to state.

  9. Brazil: As a nation in serious socio-economic turmoil, everything’s in flux here.

    Still, with an average price of $8770 and a much weaker currency than before, Rolexes may be cheaper in Rio.

  10. Eastern Europe: This is not a single country, obviously, and it’s hard to find a concrete price range, but Eastern Europe as a whole and countries such as Romania, Greece, and Poland have a strong reputation online for offering cheap Rolexes.

    As long as you guarantee their authenticity, Rolexes in Krakow and Athens are likely cheaper than their London or Paris timekeeping counterparts.

Buying a Rolex in canada

Canada remains a top destination for affordable Rolex watches, at low taxes

As long as you know where to shop and what deals, currencies, and taxes work to your advantage, you can still bargain hunt effectively for Rolexes worldwide.

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