Do Zenith Watches Hold Their Value?

Zenith is considered a luxury brand. Many of their models cost $5000 or more.

Before spending thousands of dollars on a Zenith watch, you may want to know whether they hold their value.

Here is what you should know about the resale value of a Zenith timepiece.

History of Zenith Watches

Zenith was started in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot in Switzerland.

Over the decades, Zenith has developed a reputation for producing highly precise timepieces.

The company tends to focus on mechanical chronograph watches and has stood out in this market.

When Zenith released the El Primero in 1969, it was the first watch to have an automatic chronograph movement.

The ElPrimero is a legend in the Zenith line up

It includes a high-beat calibre that can resonate at 36,600 vibrations per hour (VPH).

50 years later, the “El Primero” still offers greater accuracy compared to the typical chronograph.

Most modern mechanical watches produce 28,800 VPH.

Zenith remains an innovative company, releasing the ultra-thin Zenith Elite in 1994.

The Elite collection included the first Zenith watches to use computer-assisted design (CAD) technology for the design of the calibre.

The result was an extremely reliable, precise watch that won the Movement of the Year award.

While the company has released many watch collections, most Zenith watches have large watch faces with cut-outs to expose the internal components.

You can typically see the gears moving as the watch movement keeps time.

Zenith are known for innovation and designing watches with precise movements and large faces.

Do They Hold Their Value?

While they are luxury watches, Zenith watches do not hold their value in the same way that Rolex watches do.

However, Zenith watches tend to offer better resale values compared to brands other than Rolex.

The resale value of a watch depends on a variety of factors, including the popularity of the watch.

For example, the Zenith Chronomaster is highly sought after and is likely to hold more of its value compared to other models.

The chronomaster has strong resale values

Other popular collections include:

  • Zenith El Primero Original 1969
  • Zenith Defy Zero G Titanium
  • Zenith Pilot
  • Zenith Elite

Limited-edition models also typically provide greater resale value and may even increase in value.

In 2017, Zenith released the Zenith El Primero Chronomaster to celebrate over 150 years of watchmaking and only released 150 pieces.

The rarity of the watch makes it a valuable collector’s item.

The limited-edition Zenith El Primero Revival G381 is also rare with just 50 pieces produced.

Only 50 pieces of the G381 were ever made, making them incredibly sought after

The Zenith watches that are less likely to offer a good resale value include the cheaper models and sports watches.

Some of the collections that may lose more of their value include:

  • Zenith Star
  • Zenith Stellina
  • Zenith Port Royal
  • Zenith Captain

Keep in mind that most Zenith watch collections include multiple models.

For example, there are many versions of the Zenith Pilot watch.

The Pilot Type 20 Tourbillon features 8-karat rose gold components and costs tens of thousands of dollars.

However, the Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Bronze typically costs less than $5000.

Some limited edition Zenith watches hold their value extremely well.

Where to Find and Buy the Best Models and Deals?

Getting the best deal on a Zenith watch requires you to compare options and shop around.

The leading online retailers, such as Amazon and eBay, often feature Zenith watches at reasonable prices.

Another consideration is the age of the watch.

As Zenith watches tend to lose value after their release, purchasing a slightly older model may save you some money.

For example, buying the latest Zenith Pilot watch ensures that you pay a premium price.

However, buying a Pilot watch that was released a few years ago may save you some money.

You should also ensure that you purchase your watch from a reputable seller.

Buying directly from Zenith ensures your watch is authentic, but be prepared to pay a little more

Purchasing directly from Zenith is the best way to guarantee the authenticity of the watch.

The drawback is that you are less likely to find deals when buying from the manufacturer.

If you purchase from a third-party seller, verify their reputation for selling quality watches by looking at past customer reviews.

In the end, Zenith is a luxury watch brand that produces some of the best watches available.

While most Zenith watches may not hold their value, they can still be a great investment.

They are crafted with precision and can last a lifetime with proper care.

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