Bulova Watches Review

Bulova Watches Review | What we discovered

Different Editions

The Champlain, X Edition, and 262kHz are among the Bulova Precisionist’s more prominent editions.

The Champlain is by far the most popular, boasting a silver or black and gold design that really pops.

The gold rings the different dials of the watch face. One thing to note about this watch is that it’s on the heftier side at around 260 g, and the watch face is solid yet bulky.

If you like larger watches, you’re likely to like this one, especially given its advanced chronograph and precise timekeeping capabilities.

However, if you want a slimmer watch, you’ll want to consider one of the other Bulova Precisionist watch options.

For example, the X Edition is an interesting alternative, eschewing the black and gold design of the Champlain for stainless steel and black casing paired with a unique green leather strap.

For those not in the know, a kilohertz, or “kHz,” is equivalent to 1,000 hertz, which are used to measure a watch’s frequency.

In general, the bigger the number, the better, which is the basic raison d’etre of the 262kHz.

Other notable editions include:

  • Bulova Precisionist 96B158: Apart from the Champlain, this is one of the most popular and recognizable Bulova Precisionist designs, combining a smooth silver case with a black leather strap and gnarled crown.

    This watch is for those looking for a sleeker, slimmer, smoother version of the typical Bulova Precisionist style.

  • Bulova Lunar Pilot Moonwatch: Worn by astronaut David Scott on the Apollo 15 mission.

    This out of this world watch has a fantastic hand chronograph for stopwatch purposes.

    A Velcro strap keeps it in place, and it comes with a nice box for display purposes.

  • Bulova CURV 98A162: This model is unique in offering curved chronograph movement.

    While its rubber strap may not be for everyone, it also boasts a sapphire crystal face which, On top of looking nice, is also highly scratch resistance.

  • Bulova Precisionist Chronograph 98B315: A more fashion-centric take on its standard Champaign design, ditching the black for a more sports watch-style silver and gold aesthetic.

    It also comes with an upgrade of the Bulova Precisionist’s chronograph abilities and is even more precise with the ability to be accurate to within 1/1000th of a second.

The Bulova range of watches offers practicality, elegance and a fascinating history. The Champlain and the Precionist are the leading models of Bulova.

Brief History

Bulova has a long history in the watchmaking business stretching back to 1875, when it was founded by a Czech immigrant, Joseph Bulova.

After a few decades of pocket watches, Bulova helped pioneer the wristwatch from World War One onward, with the first luxury men’s watch from the company coming out in 1919 and the first elegant timepieces for women in 1924.

Since then, it has continued to balance form and function as they remake and re-envision the wristwatch.

Price Range

The Bulova Precisionist models tend to be several hundred dollars.

Although that isn’t cheap, it is nowhere near as expensive as the most costly luxury models.

On average you can expect to pay:

Bulova watches review

Type of Movement

As indicated by the user’s manual for the Bulova Precisionist, this watch makes use of Quartz movement.

The big advantage of quartz movement is that it is highly accurate, with the best types of quartz movement such as are used in the Bulova Precisionist only losing a few seconds every year.

What’s more, you only have to replace the battery every couple of years without needing to wind your watch too often.

Bulova watches typically cost a few hundred dollars, so they are considered an early entry into the luxury range. The quartz movement of Bulova watches is extremely accurate.

Feature Description

A great watch is often more than the sum of its parts,

but that’s no reason not to give each part a deep look anyway.

With that in mind, let’s break down the Bulova Precisionist and see what makes it tick:

  1. Size: The watch face measures 46.4 x 54.6 mm, while the thickness of the casing is 17.9 mm.

  2. Case: Boasting stainless steel, the casing is incredibly sturdy.

    What really sets this model apart, however, is the raised texturized edge of the watch.

  3. Face: Another big plus of the Bulova brand is they know how to “put a good face on things,” as it were.

  4. Hands: On the main Bulova Precisionist model, these are skeleton-style silver hands,

    with other models boasting color variations.

  5. Dials

  6. Waterproof: Up to 300 m.

  7. Durability

Battery: Long battery life of two to three years.

The Bulova precionist packs a list of extremely useful features, which combine practicality and robustness.
Bulova precionist review

Bulova Precionist Women’s Edition

Another nice thing about this watch is that it comes in a women’s model as well.

This model is much more geared toward the high-end luxury watch market, sitting at over $1,700 and boasting 52 diamonds along the stainless steel case.

And silver-white dial studded with 10 diamonds.

It is water resistant up to 100 m, but to be honest, this is much more the kind of watch that’s worn to business, formal, and fashion events than for a quick dip in the pool.

Still, that water resistance speaks to its durability, and maintains the other models’ 262 kHz capabilities.

The Bulova prescionist women's edition is a feature-packed spectacular.

Who Should Wear the bulova precisionistt | and When?

The different Bulova Precisionist models lend themselves to different occasions and wearing conditions.

The higher-end Women’s Edition, X Edition, and Champlain 98B228 are all crafted and priced toward the higher end of the spectrum.

And while their prices aren’t as eye-popping as the leading luxury watches, they’re best worn in formal and business settings.

On the other hand, at “only” a few hundred dollars, the standard model and Moonwatch are much more high-end.

Casual and everyday watches that can be worn in a wide range of settings.


The Bulova is a highly versatile model with many variations which can be worn in different circumstances.

They offer the tricky combination of elegance and practicality; very successfully indeed. 

Whether you are looking for great chronograph functionality, understated elegance, or even better, a good blend of the two, the many Bulova Precisionist models offer a timely option every time.

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