How to match your suit with the right watch [with examples]


Whether you are attending a wedding, a business meeting, or an upscale soiree or you just want to look your best, there’s always time to find the right watch to help you dress for success.

Of course, not just any old watch will do so let’s look at a few factors for matching the right watch with the right suit and see which watches best live up to that.

How to choose the right watch for your suit [3 golden rules]

Match the occasion

First and foremost, a watch should match an occasion’s tone.

As a rule, analogue watches are more formal while digital and Apple watches more casual.

You wouldn’t wear a T-shirt to a wedding and you shouldn’t wear a cheap digital watch either.

Next, ask yourself just how formal is your event?

Different suits and watches are tailored for different degrees of formality. As a rule of thumb, the more formal the event, the simpler the design should be, albeit with gold or silver faces.

which suit, and which watch

Match your watch to your outfit

Ideally, your watch should complement your ensemble with your belt being a natural point of comparison.

Wearing a noticeable leather belt?

Go with a noticeable leather band for your watch.

Wearing fine silver cuff links?

Complement them with an elegant silver-banded wristwatch.

Finally, black suits are easiest to match.

Don’t hide your watch

It’s no good if your beautiful watch is hiding behind a long suit or sleeve.

Your suit should be short enough to show off your watch, but not so short that it exposes your wrists.

Ideally, a well-fitted suit , should sit just above where your hand and wrist meet.

This means that when you make certain movements with your arm, the jacket will naturally roll back to expose your watch.

6 watches that will match any suit

Bulova Diamond

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s put theory into practice and take a look at some of the best formal watches for suits on the market:

Bulova Diamond: Bulova has been a main name in American watches since it was founded in New York in 1875. This model pairs gold-tone stainless steel with a minimalist black watch face. It’s a perfect example of elegant simplicity at work.

Tissot analog quartz

Tissot Analog Quartz: Founded by the father-son duo of Charles-Félicien and Charles-Émile Tissot in 1853, this is another Swiss watch powerhouse.

Tissot watches have been worn by a wide range of celebrities and public figures including Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Nelson Mandela, Elvis Presley, Sarah Bernhardt, Grace Kelly, Carmen Miranda, and Tony Parker.

This model features fixed rose gold paired with a leather band and 42mm thick casing.

Frederique Constant

frederique analogue constant quartz

Frederique Constant Swiss Quartz: Dutch entrepreneur Peter Stras founded this Swiss watch company in Geneva in 1988.

This model has thick 40mm stainless steel casing, boasts anti-reflective sapphire, and features quartz movement.

Seiko Prospex

Seiko Prospex Silver Watch: For more than 125 years, Tokyo-based Seiko has been a gold standard in Japanese watch craftsmanship.

This watch boasts solar timekeeping and sturdy titanium build.

Louis XVI Artagnan l'Acier l'argent Bleu

luis artagnan watch review

Louis XVI Artagnan l’Acier l’argent Bleu: Blending French elegance with Swiss craftsmanship and shipping to more than 36 countries,

This is a great example of blending form and function. This watch boasts a deep beautiful blue watch face and silver band.

It is scratch-proof and water-resistant and it features quartz movement for precision timekeeping.

Davosa Professional Watch

Davosa professional watch review

Davosa Professional Watch: Swiss-made and distributed in America,

Davosa’s Professional watch features curved Cristal Super-LumiNova indices, an aluminum inlay, and retro design.

The thick 39mm metal case makes it quite versatile and the hands are very distinct and easy to read.

With dress watches such as these, there’s always time to look your best at your next big formal event.

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