Best 5 Women’s Watches Under $500 | Updated for 2020

It’s a common notion that watches are a popular fashion accessory for men.

Boosting the look of suits as much as jeans and tee since the beginning of time… or maybe not.

Believe it or not, men haven’t always been at the forefront of wristwatches.

The Surprising History of the Wrist Watch

Before modern wrist watches existed it was thought that Queen Elizabeth I wore a similar device, and Queen Marie Antoinette actually had diamond bracelet watch created for her as well.

But the first recorded wrist watch creation happened in 1810.

I bet you’re wondering who designed this first piece and more so, who wore it.

The oval repeater watch, thin by design was engineered by Abraham-Louis Breguet.

It was none other than the Queen of Naples who wore it and to this day that watch is nowhere to be found, although it’s listed in royal inventories.

However, it wasn’t until the mid to late 1800’s that wrist watches became popular among women of leisure.

These jewellery pieces weren’t very accurate at keeping time, but more of a customized statement piece for the women wearing them.

Today’s Market for Women’s Watches

Despite being an industry coveted by men, women’s watches still command attention as stunning functional timepieces and jewellery all in one.

Not unlike men’s watches, women’s watches come in all fashions from dressy to casual, to sporty and smart.

Women’s watches fall under a wide range in styles showing off chain link straps, diamond studded features, and so much more.

These timepieces also come at various price points. With watches as cheap as $20 and well over $4,000, it’s hard to both stay on trend and of course —on budget!

Luckily, we have reviewed a line-up of 2020 watch designs for women and we’ve rounded up the best 5 watches for women under $500.00.

We tried to include a mix of watches to show the range and types available.

Best 5 Women’s Watches Under $500

Our list is made of watches that give you the best bang for your well-spent buck based on features, functionality, and design.

Because these releases are new, some may not have consumer feedback, but all of them are worth testing!

Thomas Sabo Karma Silver and Rose Gold Stainless Steel Women’s Watch

Price: $ 329.00 USD (at the time of publishing)

Thomas Sabo has been designing watches and jewellery since the 80’s and it’s no surprise that the designs remain a popular choice among women.

We chose this watch in particular for its unique style featuring roman numerals, rose gold details, and mother of pearl on the face.

This is a perfect gift watch as it features a stunning tree of love in behind the hour and minute hands.

Plus an oversized rose gold crown, making it truly a piece to be cherished.

Its non-reflecting mineral glass with sapphire coating makes the beautiful face more visible as well.

This casual smart watch ranks lower for water resistance at a 3ATM,

its powered by the Miyota 1L22 movement, and comes with a 2 year warranty.

It’s on this list for its remarkable design and should be treated more like statement jewellery and less like a robust time piece.

Skagen Falster Smartwatch

Price: $275.00 USD

This list would not have been without a smartwatch and Skagen puts smart, trendy design into every one of their smartwatches, including this digital time piece.

The Falster features a minimal water resistance rating of 1ATM, full color display, and a 12mm thick case.

Above the normal watch features, it has Google Assistant, an interactive touchscreen, activity tracking, and smartphone notifications.

It’s compatible with both Android and iOS and battery display.

Additionally, the Falster comes with an international two year warranty.

The digital display featured on this time piece gives it a slightly sportier look, but with several interchangeable straps it passes for smart casual too! It’s truly a watch for the woman on the go.

Skagen has been making simply, stunning, and simply stunning time pieces since 1989.

Their business started in the Danish town their name comes from. The town is also the foundation for their mindset —minimalism with a warm spirit.

Nixon Siren

Price: $90.00 USD

Don’t worry, we would never forget to include a sports watch on a top five list!

The Nixon Siren is not just a funky sports watch with a 100M water resistance rating —it’s budget friendly too.

Marketed for women who go from beach to street, this watch is perfect for a woman with an active lifestyle.

The Siren comes in a few color options including tangerine.

It boasts digital time and synthetic rubber strap.

The dial features negative LCD display with printed dial masking. The watch also features basic tide telling —hello surfer girl!

With Nixon, you know you’re getting a brand that knows their stuff. They put their expertise into making durable watches and support that claim with a 2 year warranty.

Kate Spade Silicon Park Row Watch

Price: $150.00 USD

Kate Spade has a way of listening and delivering what women want as far as jewellery and wearable tech are considered.

This watch is no different. Its casual smart style is easy for everyday wear, especially for trend-setting women.

The teal and gold face features gold Arabic numbers on a white dial while a uniquely shaped gold crown draws the eye.

The band itself is decorated with flowers, making this watch truly stand out in a crowd, not to mention the perfect spring choice.

Driven by quartz movement, the Park Row watch has a 3ATM water resistant rating, a polished bezel, and also a two year warranty.

Kate Spade has only been around since the 90s, but today they are one of the most adored names in the fashion accessory business.

Great style and a focus on trend-setting are two great reasons to go with this brand. And the best part? The watch is under $200 bucks.

Yes please!


Price: $105.00 USD

We couldn’t wrap up this list of awesome women’s watches without including an all-black design,

Especially with our most recent article featuring ‘murdered out’ watches just like this time piece by MVMT.

MVMT has free shipping and free returns worldwide!

This watch is officially the perfect choice for any online shopper and we haven’t even gotten to the details.

Like the all-black description suggests, this design boasts a black genuine leather strap, black case, markers and dial, topped with rose gold hands.

The dark and mysterious features makes this watch equally great for shop-stopping looks, and a Saturday in jeans.

Its water resistant rating is 5 ATM and it’s powered by two hand Miyota Quartz.

If you’re all about simplicity and class, this is your watch.

As all of these watch designs are new on the scene, they are begging to be purchased, tested, and reviewed!

Let us know about your experience if you choose one of these women’s watches under $500.

Take care

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