Bracelet watches for ladies explained


Bracelet watches for ladies explained


What is a bracelet watch?


A bracelet watch is simply one with interlinking metal pieces instead of the typical leather/plastic strap.

Some women find these watches more elegant, so there is an element of personal taste here.

bracelet watch for women


Knowing your wrist measurement size


The real advantage of bracelet watches is that they can be adjusted to fit the wrist of the individual.

Most quality sellers do this service free of charge.  And even if they don’t, you can easily get this adjustment done at your local goldsmith.


How to measure your wrist easily at home:



  • Find a tailor’s tape. And Measure all the way around the desired wrist.
  • Ensure you measure just behind the main wrist bone because that is where watches normally sit.

If you don’t have a tailor’s tape, just get a long piece of plain white paper.

Wrap that around your wrist as a tape, marking the start and end points.  Then find a ruler and measure the distance between those 2 points.

Bracelet watch strap material

Invariably, bracelet watches today comes with a stainless steel strap.  The main advantage of stainless steel is its high resistance to corrosion.  So it will be low maintenance.

Unfortunately, cost is the main drawback to using stainless steel.  But in my opinion, it is a cost worth taking on.  A watch is a long-term investment for most people so it would be false economy to cut corners at the point of purchase.


Bracelet watch strap weight

Because most bracelet straps are made of metal, they are usually heavier than other watch types, such as watches with leather straps.  The buyer should bear this in mind.  Luckily, all sellers and manufacturers now include weight of the watch in their specification sheet and online profiles.


Expandable strap bracelet watches

Some bracelet watches come with a stretchy type strap.  This is idea for people who do not want to worry about buying the wrong size or how the watch fits.

Another advantage to this type of bracelet type might be that people with different wrist sizes can share it! So perhaps a mum and a daughter can both wear it.

A slight concern in the long term might be about the strap becoming loose and less stretchy through wear and tear.  I am not aware if this is a common problem, it is just speculation on my part.


Buying bracelet watches online

It is perfectly possible to buy a great bracelet watch online, provided you know your wrist size.

Most online platforms now provide high quality pictures, which are often 3D.  So you can get a very good idea about the watch in terms of aesthetics and features.

Carefully check if the retailer offers watch adjustment service and if it is free.  It is worth getting this done before the watch is shipped to you.  Just to save yourself having to take it to a local shop for adjustment.



The choice of bracelet watches are largely down to the taste of the individual user.

But generally, bracelet watches are chosen for their elegance and style rather than practicality or features.

It is perfectly possible to buy a high quality bracelet watch online.  One that fits the user perfectly; provided the user knows his/her wrist size.


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