Fossil watch brand review

Complete guide to Fossil watches | Are they any good?

Fossil is one of the most popular brands of fashion watches. Fossil watches are known for providing a good balance of affordable prices and quality components.

They are often elegant and have clean designs that stand out compared to less expensive watches.

Fossil watches also tend to cost much less compared to luxury brands, such as Cartier, Rolex, and Heuer, ensuring that you get a great value.

The history

Fossil watches began back in the 1984s by a pair of brothers, Tom and Kosta Kartosis.

Being tired of his same old department store job, Tom flew to Hong Kong to pick up hundreds of retro-style watches, returned to the States with them, and the brothers’ middle-of-the-market watch empire was born.

Add to the name (after their father, whom they nicknamed a “Fossil” – nice) and modest gains through the 90s, expansions into Europe, and the company’s classic tin packing boxes and blend of affordability and fashion, and you have Fossil watches past and present.

What Are Fossil Watches?

Fossil is a brand of watches manufactured by Fossil Group, Inc. Fossil was founded in 1984 and is based in Richardson, Texas.

The company produces many other popular brands, including Relic, Skagen Denmark, Misfit, BMW, and Zodiac. Fossil also manufactures licensed watches for Michael Kors, Puma, Chaps, and Emporio Armani.

Fossil watches typically feature Japanese quartz movements, which is considered a mid-range option. Japanese components are not as cheap as Chinese parts, but not as accurate as Swiss-made watch movements.

are they expensive?

The first Fossil watches often featured retro designs.

Over the years, the company has expanded its selection with many different styles to suit different wearers.

The cost of Fossil watches can range between $50 and $1,000. The average price puts Fossil watches toward the top of fashion brands, typically costing more compared to Seiko or Casio watches.

However, the prices of Fossil watches are still much lower than most luxury brands.

Who Wears Fossil Watches?

A wide range of people wears Fossil watches, including men and women.

The company has a variety of watches with unique designs to appeal to a large segment of the population.

Fossil watches are a great choice for those wanting something a little flashier compared to budget watches but do not have the money for a high-end watch.

You can get a Fossil watch with a luxurious design for a fraction of the cost of a Hermes or Cartier watch.

You can wear a Fossil watch almost anywhere. However, some of the designs are not water-resistant.

Fossil watches are best suited for situations where you want to present a professional image, such as a business meeting or when making a first impression.

Fossil watch review

Are fossil watches expensive?

No, Fossil watches aren’t considered expensive. 

Certainly compared to luxury brands like Rolex and Breitling.

Generally, the most expensive Fossil watches are around $300, and the cheapest are less than $30.

And this applies for both men and women.

Advantages of Fossil Watches

Fossil watches offer many advantages for anyone looking for a new timepiece, including:

  • Top designers
  • Modern styles
  • Reliable construction
  • Affordable prices

Fossil works with some of the top designers in the industry, including famed architect Frank Gehry.

The company has shifted from producing watches with retro designs to keeping up with the latest trends.

Fossil watches are also reliably constructed.

They are often made from stainless steel, which makes the watches more durable and less likely to need repair.

Along with these benefits, Fossil watches are relatively affordable.

You can find a Fossil watch for almost any budget, as some of the less expensive options only cost $50 to $60.

Disadvantages of Fossil watches

Disadvantages of Fossil Watches

Thanks to the advantages discussed, Fossil watches offer a great overall value. The only potential disadvantages include:

  • Cost more compared to budget watches
  • Includes less expensive components compared to luxury watches
  • Limited warranty

Fossil watches are not for everyone.

If you typically buy inexpensive digital watches, the price of a Fossil watch may not fit within your budget.

However, if you typically shop for luxury brands, you may find that Fossil watches feature inferior components.

Fossil watches also come with a limited two-year warranty. For the price, you may expect the warranty to last a little longer.

In the end, Fossil watches are a top choice for those looking for the best value and stylish designs.

From classic and sophisticated designs to sporty or modern styles, you should have no problem finding a Fossil watch that fits your personality and budget.

Now, let’s look at a few examples of Fossil watches in more detail.

For both men and women.

1. Men's Grant Stainless Steel and Leather Chronograph Quartz Watch

Let’s begin our look at Fossil watches with this example of a classic stainless steel and leather pairing.

There are many pros to this model. 

The case measures 44 m with a band size of 22 mm.

The watch itself features quartz movement and a three-hand analog display that’s luminous and easy to see.

The face is encrusted with mineral crystal and stainless steel, while the band boasts genuine brown leather.

A potential con would be that, while it has water resistance up to 50 m and can be used for swimming, it can’t keep up with deeper depths, so scuba diving is definitely out.

2. Men's Nate Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

Here we have another stainless steel watch, though this one has a far more modern, minimalist design.

The black matte design is a nice touch, and definitely a good choice for those looking for something different from the same old design.

The case is a lot bigger than others at 50 mm, which can be a pro or con depending on your tastes.

It boasts a three-hand analog display quartz and a mineral crystal face. It has a stopwatch feature, which is a nice touch.

If there is any con with this offering, it is the price.

This model tops $100, while the one listed above sits closer to $70.

3. Men's Coachman Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Cuff Watch

This model blends a casual watch face with stainless steel and leather, making it something you can wear around town with a touch of class.

This model is a bit smaller than the Chronograph, measuring 45 mm instead of 50 mm.

It has the same type of three-hand analog display and mineral crystal face, but it also features tiny dial and date windows, which gives you a lot of information.

A significant pro for this model is the fact that it offers deeper water resistance than other models, being waterproof up to 100 m, all for $80.

4. Men's Machine Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch

Slightly more expensive than the previous model at closer to $90, this watch is also a bit more versatile, being a bit more suitable for work occasions as well as life around town.

It features the same 45 mm case size that you see with many of the models on this list. It distinguishes itself in part with gunmetal casing paired with blue accents.

It features the same three-hand analog display and three dials on the watch face displaying the date and other information.

However, it is only water resistant to around 50 m.

5. Women's Caleigh Glitz and Resin Casual Quartz Watch

To give an idea of how Fossil handles women’s watches, let’s take a look at this one.

Whether or not the “glitz” promised by this model is indeed delivered, it does offer a unique touch with its resin surface.

This watch is a bit smaller than the men’s watches here at 40 mm, so if you’re a lady looking for a tad beefier timepiece, you may want to keep looking.

That said, what’s here is remarkable with lovely crystalline studs around the standard three-analogy hands, three dial Fossil watch face.

Then there’s the price.

This model actually offers an interesting quirk in that regard given the fact that it offers two main style choices with a big difference in the price.

If you want the standard model with the black resin, the watch is surprisingly inexpensive at just under $40, easily one of the best bargains on this list.

On the other hand, if you want to spring for the trendy Tort-style design, which gives it a more multicoloured look, you’re looking at something much closer to $90.

That said, the Tort is quite nice, and is complemented by gold-coloured trim as opposed to the silver and black for the standard option.

Either way, you have an elegant looking resin watch for less!

6. Men's Decker Quartz Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

Here we have another instance of a major price split depending on the variety in question.

The variant with a stainless steel brand tops $110, while the rubber banded version costs about $40 less.

That said, you get what you pay for – the more expensive version is far more suitable to formal work settings, whereas the latter is more of a high-end casual watch.

This unit boasts a 44 mm stainless steel case and is water resistant to up to 100 m.

7. Men's Grant Stainless Steel and Leather Chronograph Quartz Watch

We close with a watch that’s a unique blend of sapphire blue, stainless steel, and leather, though there are actually quite a few colour variations available, so if any of those three don’t tickle your fancy, there’s probably a variant more to your liking.

Other than that, it is really an amalgamation of many of the features mentioned above – 44 mm casing, water resistant up to 50 m, the classic three-hand three-dial Fossil look, the works.

If you’re hoping for something radically different, you may be disappointed.

However, if you like the Fossil formula and want it in this or one of the many other near-$100 colour variants available, you have a bevy of brilliant options from which to choose.

On the whole, as long as you know what to expect, Fossil watches tend to offer a touch of style and solid value for the price.

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