10 Amazing Luxury Watches for Small Wrists

There’s nothing more annoying as a luxury shopper than buying something that just won’t fit properly.

True luxury means style and comfort.

One without the other isn’t “luxury,” it’s frustration – and a waste of hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.

The same goes for watches, so let’s talk about luxury watches for small wrists that look and work as well as they fit.

What Counts as a Slim Wrist Watch

First thing’s first – what “counts” as a “slim” wristwatch?

The simplest answer is to measure your wrists. If it’s less than 6.5” in diameter, it’s generally considered slim.

You’ll want to look for watchband diameters between 38 and 42 mm, and perhaps a bit smaller, especially for ladies’ luxury watches.

Width-wise, you’re looking for something between 18 and 22 mm.

In terms of what “looks” slim, leather is “slimming,” while metal will always look “larger” on your wrist.

You’ll also want to look at the diameter of the casing on the watches themselves, with a diameter in the mid to upper 30 MMS optimal.

Best Luxury Watches for Small Wrists

With that in mind, let’s see how these slim-fit luxury watches fit the bill

1. Citizen BM8430-59E Bracelet

With a bandwidth of 16 mm, this is even slimmer than our figures above, despite it being made from stainless steel.

It has a case diameter of 36cm, which also fits our slim wrist requirements.

In terms of features, it is water-resistant up to 100 m.

It makes use of Japanese Quartz for movement and features a lovely little date window at the 3 o’clock position, with the watch face itself adorned with a nice mineral crystal display.

The Citizen brand has been churning out quality Japanese watches since the 1930s, and this is no exception.

2. Nixon A045511 Time Teller

This is a newer brand, it began in California a few decades ago.

This is easily one of the least expensive options on this list, starting at around $200 and maybe even a bit below.

It has a case diameter of 38 mm and a bandwidth of 21 mm, making it a good, slim wristwatch.

Like the Citizen, it features Japanese Quartz movement.

Instead of stainless steel, in the main option, you get a contrast between a black and light gold watch face and brown band, though there are several color options available.

The leather is real calfskin with a good buckle enclosure.

This watch is likewise water-resistant to 100 m.

3. Tissot PR100

One of the most famous watch brands in the world since its men’s options and ladies’ luxury watches circa 1853 – as you’ll see yourself with that date proudly embossed on their watch faces for models such as this.

This luxury watch typically hovers around the $250 and $450 price range.

It makes use of analog Swiss Quartz movement, and with the band that it’s made from, it offers understated elegance and long-term sturdiness.

The bandwidth is 19 mm, more than slim enough for most slender wrists.

4. Bulova 98H51

This is another “budget” luxury watch insofar as it “only” costs around $200, and you may be able to find it marked down for less.

Bulova is another established brand, having been first established in 1875 by a Czech immigrant to America named Joseph Bulova.

This particular model features rose gold set against a leather band, the combination of which makes this watch look very slimming on already-slim wrists.

If you’re looking for a luxury watch that doesn’t look or feel too bulky, this may be one to consider.

Its case diameter is 37 mm, bandwidth is 20 mm, and it uses Japanese Quartz.

This model is “only” water-resistant up to 30 m – but then what would you be doing diving into the pool with a luxury watch with a leather strap anyway?

5. Seiko SGF206 Dress Watch

This is another decades-old Japanese brand using Japanese Quartz and elegant design to catapult itself into the world of luxury watches.

Case diameter is 36 mm and band width 20 mm, a tad larger than some of the other options listed, especially with the stainless steel material being used, but still a good fit if you’re looking for a slightly thicker watch for thinner wrists.

Aesthetically, it’s quite eye-catching, pairing gold casing with Mother of Pearl dials and a date window at the 3 o’clock marker.

Price wise, you’re most likely looking at between $230 and $330.

6. Frederique Constant FC-245M4S5

Originally a Dutch brand that began in 1988 by selling Swiss watches before being merged with a Japanese conglomerate in 2016, Federique Constant is both more recent and more international than many options on this list.

The watch offers an appearance of simplicity-as-elegance, with a gold case, alligator leather band, and anti-reflective sapphire dial, all combining for a slimmed-down aesthetic.

On the other hand, this is where prices start to hike upward, as this watch typically goes for around $1,000.

At 37 mm in case diameter and 20 mm in bandwidth, it’s a bit larger than some other options but still perfectly fine for slim wrists.

The watch face boasts a nice extra dial built-in right beneath the hands.

7. Bulova 97L153

Switching from men’s to women’s watches, Bulova offers great slim wristed luxury options for both. This example is one for ladies.

This is the epitome of a slim watch for slim-wristed people, with the band measuring just 6 mm in diameter and the leather material making it appear sleek and slimming.

The case diameter is similarly small at 18 mm. Aesthetically, it pairs gold-tone casing with silvery-white dials.

It’s only water-resistant to 30 m and not very good at that.

Between that, the leather strap, and the slender build, this isn’t a watch you want to get wet and one of the more delicate-yet-decorous options on this list – all while still costing just over $200.

8. Longines Flagship

This model actually comes in several models, and while its casing is typically 30 mm in size, bandwidth and other measurements can vary, so you’ll want to check the website for details as well as a wider selection.

The price varies, too, from around $1,450 to over $1,900.

Given that context, this particular model featuring a silver and stainless steel band and dials set against a black watch face is a bargain at “only” about $900.

9. Women’s Rolex Datejust 36 Green Floral Dial Luxury

Long before #Girlboss became a thing, Rolex has long been the Luxury Watch of Choice for Business People.

If you’re working to shatter the glass ceiling, you can rest assured knowing this scratch-resistant fierce Women’s Rolex won’t break on you, with a sturdy frame and eye-catching floral accents.

It pairs solid 18k yellow gold and stainless steel with a sapphire crystal watch face, casing adorned with 31 jewels and unique green dials that set off the floral accents nicely and really help this model stand out.

It’s the perfect gift for someone else (or yourself) for a huge promotion up the corporate ladder – though you’d better have a decent salary already with a price tag of $8,500.

10. Gucci G-Frame Watch

Let’s close with a name that’s synonymous with luxury the world over, Gucci.

This is another model that’s available in many colours, sizes, and material variations, so check for more variations on their G-Frame design.

This particular model is still exquisite, though, with a silvery tone set against Mother of Pearl dials and diamonds at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, with “Gucci” embossed in bold lettering at 12 o’clock.

The diam window boasts anti-reflective sapphire.

The case is 19 mm, so it’s quite slim, while the watch itself costs around $800 – not inexpensive, but not as expensive as luxury watches can get, as you’ve seen, and pretty good for Gucci.

By knowing what to look for in a luxury watch, you can find a slim fit for your slim wrists that’s still bursting with time-keeping boldness and beauty.

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