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8 stunning watches for men under $2000

Keep up with the Times with the Best Watches for Men Under $2,000

Once upon a time, we actually wore watches to, well, know what time it is.

Nowadays, a watch’s luxury appeal and statement matters just as much if not more.

When you invest in a high-end luxury watch, you want to know it’s a good fit.

These watches are great high-end options that can be worn in a variety of circumstances and settings.

And, oh, we tried to keep them all under $2000!

Movado Men's Swiss-Quartz Watch:

 With a sleek black and gold minimalist watch face along with a stainless steel band, this is a perfect example of the elegance of simplicity.

The watch face is also scratch resistant with sapphire crystal, while the watch itself is quartz-powered, water resistant up to 30 m, and has a thick 40 mm case.

Movado has been making high-quality watches for well over a century, and this is a perfect example of that craftsmanship at work, and all for just a bit more than $500.

It’s the perfect example of a versatile luxury watch that can work in the office, on a date, and other semi-formal engagements.

Ferragamo Men’s Chronograph:

 This is a brilliant example of an office-friendly business watch that is luxury-priced (around $700) without being “too expensive” in the context of how much watches like these usually cost.

While it’s hardly black tie appropriate, the bronze casing nicely complements the black wristband and can go well with work casual clothes as well as blazers and more formal attire. It is Swiss-made and quartz-powered, with a sapphire crystal face, making it both accurate and elegant.

Men's Bulova Curv Chronograph:

One of the most established brands on this list, Bulova has been a quality brand for more than 140 years.

The casing’s curvature adds to its aestheticism while helping it conform neatly to your wrist, making this an eminently wearable wristwatch.

This might be a good watch for those looking for a high-quality watch that still emphasizes comfort.

It is also one of the thickest options on our list at 44 mm with a durable stainless steel case and transparent dial.

Aesthetically, the watch features a nice pairing of blue and black with luminous hands. At $635, this is a great example of a watch that’s built for a business casual, on-the-go lifestyle.

Versace Men's Dylos

One of the most famous fashion houses in the world, Versace means style, meaning this is a great high-end luxury watch option for business and formal affairs.

Even so, it is actually one of the more affordable watches on this list at “just” around $900.

The casing is quite thick at 42 mm, with an elegant two-tone gold and silver-coloured band with a deep blue and gold watch face and dials.

It is waterproof up to 50 m, not enough for snorkelling, but perfect for a little recreational swimming. All of this makes this a great “sports luxury watch,” fashionable enough to be flashy without feeling overly formal.

Tag Heuer Formula 1

Tag Heueur formula 1 review

This elegant watch sits around $1,000 and pairs silver stainless steel with a deep blue scratch resistant watch face with bezel and an ion-plated top ring, and is powered by quartz that ensures great timekeeping accuracy.

The hands and markers are luminescent, making them easy to read in any visibility conditions. It also displays the date near the 3 o’clock position.

This is a good example of a perfect business watch, classy enough to complement a business suit without looking too showoff-ish.

Rado Men's True

rado men's true watch review

This is a great Swiss-made watch to pair with sports coats.

At nearly $900, it has great value without being too expensive.

Its plasma ceramic case gives it a chic sleek look pairing a black dial with gold-toned hands. Its quartz movement makes it a highly accurate watch.

Raymond Weil Men's 2780-SP5-20001

Raymond Weil Men's 2780-SP5-20001 review

Isn’t she a beauty?!!

One of the highest-end watches on our list at nearly $2,000.

This offering from Raymond Weil pairs a diamond-polished wheel with a durable 42.5 mm steel case.

That makes it incredibly durable, while gold accents make it fashionable and a good choice for formal wear without it being too flashy.

Ball Trainmaster Celsius

Ball Trainmaster Celsius review

This is the most expensive watch on our list, just shy of $2,000.

It boasts an elegant silver build and dial with Arabic numeral hour markers. It can handle extreme cold (-35°C) and heat (45°C) and keep on ticking.

It pairs sapphire crystal with a stainless steel case and bracelet, making it a great formal watch while still being durable.

These watches are affordable yet luxurious, classic yet modern, helping you keep in time with the times no matter the time or occasion.

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