are Apple watches really waterproof

Which Apple Watches Are Waterproof? The Truth revealed

Apple watches are among the most popular wristwatches out there, and with good reason.

They combine the convenience and fashion of a traditional wristwatch with all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from an Apple product. It also comes with the kind of price tag you have come to expect from Apple.

All of that makes it pretty important that your big buy doesn’t go down the drain because it’s waterlogged, which begs the question – which waterproof Apple watches are right for you?

Waterproof 101

First, it is worth asking – what makes a watch “waterproof” in the first place?

It seems like an easy distinction to make, but the more you think about it, the harder it becomes.

After all, Apple watches are computers, and even if you don’t know a tablet from a table, you probably know computers and water don’t mix.

To an extent, no watch is waterproof.

There is always a limit to how much water a watch can take.

If you place the most water resistant watch and chuck it into the Pacific Ocean, the water will kill it for sure.

When water gets into watches or computers, oftentimes it’s RIP.

But what about in a less extreme circumstance?

This is something that Apple admits itself.

They say that their watches can be used for exercise in which you sweat, and in the rain or when washing your hands.

On the other hand, you probably don’t want to dive into the ocean while wearing one.

There are two main factors that make a watch “waterproof” – resistance to water pressure and sealant.

The latter is just what it sounds like, how tightly sealed a watch is.

While no watch can be 100% sealed, the best and most waterproof watches are nearly so, making it extremely difficult for water to get in and cause damage, especially at shallow to medium depths.

This factor of waterproofing watches can be improved by using tougher, more naturally water resistant materials.

The former refers to how well a watch resists the crushing force of water pressure.

Both of these reasons combined are why you will typically see watches listed as “waterproof” to a certain depth – 100 m, 200 m, and so on.


So now, let’s list the waterproof Apple watches so far 

Waterproof Apple Watch #1: Series 3

There are several series of Apple watches, and this is one of the most affordable that can still be said to be reasonably water resistant and up-to-date, having been released in 2017.

You can get it for less than $200,

so it’s as inexpensive of a waterproof Apple watch as you’ll find on this list, or most places at this point.

In terms of how waterproof it is, it is advertised as being “swim proof,” though again, water pressure matters, so while it may be pool-friendly, again, you probably shouldn’t wear it while scuba diving.


Other features include:

  • GPS
  • Retina display
  • The ability to track your heart rate via an optical heart sensor and exercise program
  • A Series 3 chip and processor
  • An aluminium case
  • The ability to play audio books, music, and other iTunes files

Waterproof Apple Watch #2: Series 4

These are the next in the line of Apple Watches, and they cost a pretty penny, just around $600.

They offer a similar standard of water protection as the Series 3.

That said, some find them a bit more durable than the Series 3, so you may have that added protection.

The Series 4 really shines in the health department.

It has an ECG app, proactive heart monitor, and many apps and health options to help you stay fit while wearing this Fitbit-influenced Apple Watch.

Among its other features are:

  • Easier access to call features
  • GPS
  • Loudspeakers that are 50% louder than that on the Series 3
  • 64-bit dual core processor

Waterproof Apple Watch #3: Series 5

Here we have a later generation of the Apple watch, so what does the Series 5 bring to the table?

A bigger price for one thing, costing just under $400.

However, that also comes with a 30% bigger screen, so if you have a Series 3 and are tired of squinting or picking and poking at teeny tiny apps, the Series 5 might be the bigger, bolder Apple watch you’ve been waiting for.

It is likewise supposed to be “swim proof” to 50 m.

Among the other features offered here include:

  • GPS
  • Retina display
  • ECG app with electrical and heart sensors
  • A built-in compass

As demonstrated, the Series 3, 4, and 5 Apple Watches are all as “waterproof” as you can expect from a modern smartwatch, and boast a bevy of added features.


In conclusion, most recent Apple watches are probably fine for limited water exposure, such as sweat, rain and a quick swim.

But we would not recommend extensive water exposure, particularly at significant depths, such as with scuba diving or prolonged open water swimming.

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