Why Should You Buy A Ceramic Watch?

Self-winding wristwatches have been in existence since 1923 thanks to a British watch repair man named John Harwood. Before that, pocket watches with self-winding capabilities had been tick-tocking since the late seventeen hundreds.

It’s no wonder that watch engineers have experiments with every material imaginable to make a functioning time teller out of.  One of these materials is classified as ceramic, but these watches are composed differently than Grandma’s old ceramic plates. So what makes a watch ceramic, and why should you buy one?

Composition is Everything!

If a material is solid, non-metallic, and inorganic than chances are — it’s ceramic! The material can be made several ways using powder and alloys or mixing pure metals with compounds of metal. Ceramic isn’t easy to engineer, but it’s a material worth creating because of its durability alone.

Some brands only engineer certain parts of the watch with ceramic materials where other companies have chosen to design almost entire watches with it. Most commonly you will see ceramic bands and cases in the watch design.

Who Should Buy A Ceramic Watch?

The question should be “who shouldn’t buy a ceramic watch?” because anyone and their dog would be suited for purchasing a watch with a ceramic band or at least a ceramic case paired with another material made band. Okay, maybe not your dog, but only because he can’t tell the time anyway.

Ceramic watches can withstand chemical erosion, and are anti magnetic. Their colors won’t fade with the rays of the sun, the watch band won’t tarnish with wear, and they are naturally water resistant simply because of the material itself. This makes ceramic an ideal choice in water resistant and diver watch designs.

For a light weight material, ceramic watches are able to take a beating. The composition isn’t easily scratched and you would have to try pretty hard to damage it. We don’t recommend getting out the hammer though — just in case.

Even though ceramic watches are hard to scratch, they could be easily shattered. Due to the molecular structure vulnerabilities of the material, you should avoid dropping a ceramic watch on a hard surface! Therefore, don’t buy a watch with a full ceramic band if you have a history of dropping things, or if you notice that you’re constantly banging your current favorite watch on hard surfaces.

Purchase your ceramic watch in the style you plan to use it. If you’re an active person, consider buying one that has a ceramic bezel, but not an entire case or band. Wear the watch during your sport of choice.

Go for a ceramic band and case for style and everyday wear, as we said, if you are not likely to smash it off your granite counter tops. Choose a watch featuring a ceramic case to wear just about any time without worrying about shattering it. Keep in mind all watches, especially ceramic watches, should be attached or removed from your wrist over a carpeted surface to be safe.

Why is Ceramic different?

Since ceramic watches are made in all styles, from sporty to dressy and everything in between, you can wear your watches for any occasion.

Sports watches are generally digital and made with a flexible band of either silicon or canvas materials. They usually boast gaskets boosting their resistance to water as well as include added features like stop watch functions and alarms.

Dressier watches bands tend to consist of leather, metal, or metal links, and the numbers are most often analogy style. They are simple and designed to complement apparel more so than provide accurate time keeping.

Ceramic watches have the ability to fit in either world. Because ceramic pieces are super durable, they make great dive watches as we’ve stated above. As well, their ability to hold color and naturally resist scratches make them a perfect arm piece for dressy occasions.

Truly, your choice in ceramic watch comes down to your own style and lifestyle preferences. Better yet, buy a different ceramic watch for every occasion!

Buying a Ceramic Watch

If you’re ready to choose a ceramic watch for your collection, congratulations. Now comes the tough part. What style of watch will you choose, and how much ceramic material will be involved. When choosing any watch, ceramic or not, deciding which features are important to you is the very first step.

Do you need dual time? Are you often found in a suit and tie, or surf trunks? Will you require a watch you can simply wear anywhere or are you adding a time teller to your standard rotation? Once you’ve figured out your needs, you can pick the watch most perfect for you. Here are three ceramic featuring watches that caught our eye from least expensive to the most steeply priced.


Caravelle New York Rose Gold Boyfriend Women’s Quartz Watch


What is there not to love about this watch?!

The warm complementary white and rose colours are elegant without being an eye sore.

I can really see this going with both formal wear and evening wear.  The gold plated stainless steel bracelet gives added reassurance and quite sophistication..

At only a 100g this shouldn’t be too heavy to wear.  There is a stopwatch feature for those who need it.  The silver dials really give this watch an authentic classy look.




2. Rado Ceramica Automatic

Retailing for $2,448.00, this Swiss made watch shows off its use of ceramics in a solid color that’s not black or white, but a hue between green and blue. It takes talent and thorough manipulation for ceramic to maintain a solid color like this, and does it ever look stunning. The movement is automatic as the name suggests, and its water resistant to 50m.

3. Tudor Fastrider Black Shield

Tudor knows how to make a sporty watch as stylish as ever. Boasting a 42 mm ceramic case in a matte black color secured to the wrist by a sleek brown leather band, this watch is a show stopper. The Black Shield Fastrider is water resistant to 150m and also comes with a rubber bracelet attachment. This watch hits the top of our list, setting you back $5,340.00.

These are only a small sample of the ceramic watch choices on the market today. High end companies have really taken a liking to this fierce material and more ceramic interpretation is sure to be around the corner!

Let us know your favourite ceramic time piece in the comments below.



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